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    Your Florida wage transcript is what actually informs you as to whether or not your earnings are sufficient for you to make your benefit claim monetarily eligible. Your earnings during the base period of your claim are used to decide your eligibility. Your form shows your base period. That is, according to the Florida unemployment compensation law in Florida, the first four of the last 5 completed calendar quarters.

    All the employers that have reported wage information and paid unemployment compensation taxes on your wages are listed. Covered employment means employment with an employer who covers your UC insurance to the Department of Revenue or who reimburses the Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund for benefits paid.

    This program is not funded by deductions from your pay. The form shows you, if you are eligible, your WBA and the total credits available to you. If you are not eligible the reason will be given. Being monetarily eligible is the first step towards receiving unemployment benefits and so you can now establish a claim.

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    The next step will be the investigation of the reasons for your separation from your last employer or if necessary your next to last employer. This is to verify that the conditions of separation do not disqualify you for unemployment benefits. Your Unemployment Compensation Program booklet lists additional conditions that must be met. For a preview of the booklet you can see it on the internet www.fluidnow.com. The person who qualifies monetarily is one who has been paid wages in two or more calendar quarters in the base period and who has total wages in this of at least one or one and a half times the wages in the quarter having the highest earnings. The minimum total wages earned in the base period has to be at least $3,400.Using the quarter in the base period with the highest earnings you can calculate your weekly benefit amount (WBA) by dividing by 26. There is a minimum weekly amount of $32 and a maximum of $274.

    Your maximum credits available can be calculated by taking the total wages in the base period as shown on the Wage Transcript and determination and divide the amount by 4. Credits range from a minimum of $850 to a maximum of $7150 and depend on your earnings during the base period. The number of weeks to which you are entitled to receive benefits is your total credits divided by the WBA. In Florida a claimant may not receive more than 26 weeks of regular benefits.

    Your benefits are to be used within a one year period known as the benefit year. However should the regular benefits be exhausted before the end of the benefit year you will receive a letter of determination for an emergency benefit claim automatically established for you.

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