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  • dont understanad Florida Unemployment Compensation: Filing A New Claim FAQ

    If this is the first time you apply for unemployment benefits or you haven’t done so for a long time, you probably have questions on how to file a new claim. In any event, the process for filing a new claim (especially for the EUC and EB programs) has changed recently, so a refresher course will be useful even if you have filed a claim recently.

    Should I file my claim in Florida or somewhere else?

    If you are asking that question you probably live in another state or worked in another state prior to filing your claim. There are several scenarios which determine where you should file a new claim.

    You should file in Florida if you live and worked in Florida during your base period. You should also file in Florida if you live in Florida and have not worked here in the last 18 months, but need a determination stating you are ineligible to support another claim. You may also apply for a new claim in Florida if you live in another state but worked in Florida during your base period.

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    However, you should file your first claim in another state if you live in another state and only worked in that state during the last 18 months. You should also file elsewhere if you live in another state and have worked in more than one state during the last 18 months.

    If you need help filing a new claim in another state, click here and follow the instructions. The website will help you find the closest One Stop Career Office.

    How do I file for UI benefits in Florida?

    If you qualify for filing unemployment benefits in Florid (see above) you can choose to file online, by clicking here, or over the phone by calling 1.800.204.2418. If you choose to file online you can do it any day at any time. If you choose to file over the phone you must call between 8 AM and 5 PM from Monday to Thursdays.

    If you want to, you can also claim by mail. You can pick up an application at any One-Stop Career Center in Florida. Click here for a complete list of Career Centers Offices in Florida.

    I lost my job some weeks ago. Can I backdate my unemployment claim?

    No, sorry. Florida unemployment law is clear on this. Your claim date must be the week you actually file your claim.

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