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  • The fact is businesses look at the bottom line when deciding where to manufacture goods and find workers. Those business that don’t, generally don’t last long. That is why many employment positions have moved to foreign countries such as Mexico, India and China, where wages are lower and governmental regulation is, let’s say, less intrusive and more flexible.

    Unfortunately, this has caused many workers to lose their jobs when their employers have moved factories, call centers and the like to other countries. Once this happens in an area, it is hard for workers to find alternative employment in their line of work. Often, these workers require retraining to learn new skills which are still in demand in their region. However, retraining takes time and is likely to lengthen the time unemployed workers are searching for work.

    To help Florida unemployed workers which have been affected by layoffs due to “trade adjustments” the Florida Agency of Workforce Innovation offers its workers access to the federal Trade Readjustment Allowances program. What must you do to qualify for this program?

    Florida Jobs

    First your employer must be a registered Trade Readjustment Assistance Program participant. To be a petitioner your employer must prove the layoffs are a direct result of competition from foreign goods or services.

    Second, you must have been laid off due to lack of work. Regardless of whether or not your employer is a TRA petitioner, if you were fired or resign from your employment, you will not qualify for Trade Readjustment Allowances.

    Third, your income during the last 26 weeks must have been of a minimum of $30 a week with a registered TRA petitioner. Notice you can count unemployment compensation and active military duty within these 26 weeks.

    Fourth, you must qualify for regular unemployment compensation benefits from the State of Florida.

    Notice TRA payments can behave as an extra unemployment compensation program once your regular state unemployment insurance program expires. This can increase your unemployment compensation program past your basic unemployment benefits. Even after TRA payments have expired you can apply for extended TRA if you are enrolled in TRA approved training. If you want more information, click on this link.

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