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    If you were eligible for unemployment compensation during your benefit year (the one year period in which you have to use your available credit), you can not file another benefit claim until that year expires.

    When you file your claim if you are deemed ineligible due to insufficient work and earnings in covered employment in the base period your wage transcript will be returned to you with an x in the box which states as the reason “No wage credits or Other”.

    However on the reverse side you can appeal if you have proof that the earnings reported are incorrect. If the adjudicator contacts you to ask about the reasons for terminating your employment with your last or next to last employer, it is in order to verify whether or not the reasons qualify you for benefits. The adjudicator will also check over the other requirements for eligibility and confirm you comply with them. Once completed, a written determination will be mailed to both you and your employer.

    If the determination is negative and you wish to appeal the address is:

    Florida Jobs

    Office of Appeals,

    MSC 347 Caldwell Building,

    107, East Madison Street, Tallahassee,

    F1 32399-4143.

    Fax 850-921-3524. Make sure you include your social security number and signature. Appeals must be signed so can only be filed by letter or fax but there is information about the appeal process on line at www.floridajobs.org.

    To certify or qualify for weeks of unemployment benefit you need to meet all claim requirements and then you start to receive the weekly amount credited to you (after the waiting week in which no benefit is paid). If you had earnings up to the benefit amount then that week is not counted as your waiting week. Any changes of address can be made on line when you certify your claim. 

    You can also modify the address you have on your file by phone by calling the Claims Assistance Center. If you have changed your address in this manner, when you claim for your weeks you must take care to answer NO when you are asked if you have changed your address since your last report day. DO NOT ANSWER YES or your claim will be stopped and you will have to wait until the stop is removed by a claims representative. Claim weeks are counted from Sunday to Saturday and you must report any earnings in the week you earned them even if you haven´t yet received your wages. However you may have earnings up to $58 before they have any effect on your benefits.

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